The adventures of      Little Rashy
Little Rashy goes to...
(as told by MOM - May 20, 2005)
So we took the boys to Disneyland.  THAT was a mistake.
We began our adventure at the Disneyland Resort. Paul and I
went out for a nice dinner, while Rashy held a 'peeps' affair.
"50 dollars a bottle my tail, pal.
What part of 'a case of Vodka for my homies'
don't you UNDERSTAND?"
The next day we treated the boys to a nice breakfast. The
boys had a Mickey Mouse pancake...
"Yaay! Pancake p'rade!"
...while Baby Frankie played with toast.
"Whatever, Baby Frankie."
So the kids had their breakfast, and it was off to the
park. It started immediately. Paul tried to talk to the
gate guy, and Rashy started cracking wise:
"Honest sir - they are just toys."
"Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick..."
"Shut UP, Rashy!"
But they let us in anyway. Rashy was immediately confused
by Disney's mixed signals:
"Waste. Recycle. What does this MEAN?"
So it was off to Monkey Jesus.
"Oh, Great One - please give us answers..."
She sent them to the Tiki Room. Rashy woke up Jose,
and was instantly grabbed by security.
"Rise and shine, you stupid bird... AAAUGH!
The Fuzz! You let me goooo!"
The boys were thrown into the Tiki garden, and all hell
broke loose. Paul tried to catch up with them:
"Get DOWN from there!"
"You can't catch ME, DAD! Haaaaa!"
But ultimately Pele threw them out.
"Put me down, you termite-ridden Demi-Goddess!"