The adventures of      Little Rashy
Little Rashy goes to...
(as told by MOM - Feb. 24th, 2005)
We settled in after ordering, and the boys
waited impatiently for their food to arrive.
"Ser-vice! Ser-vice! Super-Rica!"
So impatiently, in fact, that Rashy (again) passed out:
"... ... Super-Rica."
"Punched you. Ha ha, SuperRica!"
Their behavior steadily declined. Much to SuperRica's
embarrassment and dismay, Rashy began
bothering the other customers:
Bugging guests at Super-Rica.
But you know what they say - when in Rome...
But their sitting there quietly didn't last long.
"Met my brother SuperRica?"
This is Part Two.

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We got them all settled in and ready to eat:
When he saw the food approaching the table, Rashy could
hardly contain his excitement:
Passed out cold at Super-Rica...
But he awoke in time to eat himself completely sick. The boys
also drained the horchata tank.
Joyous times at Super-Rica.
Upon completion of their meal, they fell unconscious to the chair:
See what happened next -
Gluttony at Super-Rica...
"We've got bibs on, SuperRica!"
And when they recovered, they were absolute madmen.