The adventures of      Little Rashy
Little Rashy goes to...
(as told by MOM - Feb. 24th, 2005)
So we finally broke down and took the little guys
on their dream trip. Paul got them ready:
*singing* So we loaded up the Jeep and we drove to Super-Ree...
And we headed to the SB Biltmore. When we got there,
they settled right in:
A rarity indeed - a display of brotherly love that does NOT involve a
punching in the eye.
And everything was great.
Everything was fine.
Everything was WONDERFUL...
until that bitch showed up on Letterman.
Give me back my five DOLLLLLLLAAAARSS!"
And eventually, he passed out.
"Yaay of yaays! It's Super-Rica!"
The next morning we took the boys to Super-Rica (which is
indeed our youngest's namesake, in spite of the fact that our
son omits the hyphen). The boys were so anxious on our
approach they were hanging out the car window:
Poor Rashy begged. He pleaded. He pounded on the television.
So sad.
   Since we got the little monkey, he's been asking for a taco.
   Not just any old taco, though. It has to come from Super-Rica.
   In Santa Barbara, California.
   *in a Twinky the Clown voice* G*dDAMNIT!
He tried to internalize it and be strong, but SuperRica
saw right through it:
They were SO excited, in fact, they didn't quite make it
up to the restaurant without passing out.
Yeah. We're out. It's Super-Rica.
They revived long enough to take this lovely establishing shot:
"Yaay again! It's Super-Rica!"
And created a scene while deciding what to have for lunch.
The Super-Rica saga continues - click here!
"Mmm. So yummy. Super-Rica."
Also:  Our son married (and was left
      by) Paris Hilton about four months ago.
The break-up was pretty nasty. Here's a
photograph from their wedding:
And now, on with the story: