The adventures of      Little Rashy
Little Rashy...
Runs Away!
(as told by MOM AND DAD - Sept. 18th, 2005)
"La, la, prizes...  La, la, prizes..."
 It was SuperRica's turn to get the prize out of the cereal.  
Horchata and a light up spoon.  SuperRica is a happy boy.
"I'll be taking that off your hands, thankyouverymuch."
Rashy somehow got the idea that SuperRica only keeps the
boring prizes.  He t
ried to commandeer the book.
But SuperRica didn't think so.
Rashy heard the prize paper rumple, and
he ran across the house.
Things got a little bit aggressive...
"Noooo! Wee hermano, you are mistaken."
...and Rashy hit SR so hard, his eye fell on the table!
"Here's a whole fist full of la la prizes for you, HERMANO."
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"Thanks for the book, Sucker-Rica ol' pal."
"Hey - what're we lookin' at?"
Poor SuperRica!