The adventures of      Little Rashy
Little Rashy...
Picks a Pumpkin!
(as told by MOM AND DAD - October 10th, 2005)
We took the boys to pick a pumpkin.  THAT was a mistake.
A Sci-Fi Spectacular waiting to happen:
"The Children of the Corn meet Kolchak"
Taken at Boccali's Farm in Ojai, California.
"We like this one.  Pay the man, DAD."
And they chose their pumpkin rather quickly,
much to our surprise:

But when it came down to the hayride:
They were pretty good at first - they even stopped
fighting for a photo:
They proved they simply can't be trusted.
Firin' up the ol' John Deere
Mowing down the tots in Playland
"Green Acres is the life for me, DAD."
Happy Halloween!
Oh, the horror!  *evil grin*.