The adventures of      Little Rashy
Little Rashy watches...
Old Yeller
(as told by DAD - March 24, 2005)
From DAD's journal, March 24th, 2005:

Tonight the boys said they wanted to watch a movie, so I let
them choose one from the collection. They picked OLD
YELLER, which I thought was okay for them to see.

They seemed to like it, and were even dancing along a bit with
the song at the beginning.

They got scared when Old Yeller got sick and I think SuperRica
cried a little at the end (he takes after his Popi).

Later when I was getting them ready for bed, Rashy kept saying
that SuperRica had "the hydrophoby" and had to be "put down."
"He's foaming at the mouth, dad. Look at him."

I said that SuperRica was just brushing his teeth and no one
had gone mad, although I was
getting mad with Rashy's attitude.

"Gotta put him down, dad." Rashy insisted. "He's got the

I put them both down (to bed, I mean) and am writing this before
going in to join them.