The adventures of      Little Rashy
Little Rashy...
Makes a cake!
(as told by MOM - Feb. 27th, 2005)

While their Dad was at work on Valentine's Day, the boys decided he
might like a cake.

Not just ANY cake, though. A lemon cake. With lemon filling. And thick
milk chocolate frosting.


Far be it from me to deny those monkeys anything, so off to the store we
went. Two hours, three temper tantrums and four dinosaurs later, we
arrived at home and started a-bakin'...
"Move over, wee hermano. Let me stick my finger in the..."
Rashy decided he wanted to do the mixing,
so he got all set up with the handheld.
"Dad? Daaaaaad? I'm makin' you a cake, Dad."
"I laugh at your pain, you pig monkey."
Poor SuperRica.
I decided it would probably be best to separate them,
so I gave SuperRica his own job. He busied himself
attaching wax paper to the cutting board...
But Rashy is extremely protective of his work.
SuperRica tried to get a taste of the batter,
...while his brother got into the tape.
"Dad? Daaaaad? I'm a work of modern art, Dad."
While I released Rashy from his transparent prison,
I asked SuperRica to frost the cake.
"La la tacos... frosting un bizcocho... La la tacos..."
Rashy decided to help frost, too. Oh, joy. Thank you, Rashy.
See them decorate -
Eating the frosting.
"I'll trade you a taste for a punch in the eye, SuperRica."
Once that was done, it was time to decorate.